Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maui Race Series Da Kine Classic

Another Saturday of great racing.
racing was delayed by about an hour as the boat was being repaired.

The wind in the morning was about 7.0 for most sailors.
Afternoon filled in with good 6.3 wind.
Micah again dominated the fleet. is closest Rival out there Is Peter Slate. Weighing in at at least 40 pounds less that is quite a feet.
Phill Mcgain was back with a third in the Pro and winning his age devision.
These 3 are probable the fittest guys in the fleet together with their skill level it makes them pretty hard to beat.
You can also see the races with PWA experience. With Drew Ferrior showing some great results on the one sail one board one fins set up that he has.

There where some new competitors to this event and the one statement was that they underestimated by a lot how tiering 8 races with only a lunch break really is.

I would like to thank the organizers crew sponsors for a great event.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Maui Race series 2010 June 5 Starboard Slalom

June 5 – Starboard Slalom
We had a fun event.
The wind was not supposed to come up and everybody was prepared for a cancelled race. Well this was not the case. we started racing around noon.
Peter slate raced on 7.0 warp the entire event and his 102 Fanatic 36cm meanline race as well as his 86 fanatic and 30cm fin. Netting him one win and a close second in the pro fleet. Micah i believe was on a 7.8 Giving him 3 wins in the pro fleet.
I spent the entire event on my warp 8.0 with a 111 and 40cm.
The doc was on his 63 warp and 86 with a 32cm meanline race fin.

Racing was fun even tough the wind was a little on the light side in some of the rounds.
Great way to start the race series.
Thanks to the race organizers, crew, sponsors and competitors for making this a really fun Saturday.